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Bible Study

Achieving the desired success requires patience and persistence. Your goals need time. You must study, improve yourself, go towards your target with patience. With a deeper thinking you'll see the importance of your life.

Women's Bible Study

  • Flyer - 11-02-17

  • Deacon Gail Sparks is offering a Women's Bible Study Class. - 1st and 3rd Thursday's @ 1:00pm. Contact Dn. Gail Sparks or Cathy May for questions or suggestions

    Mass and Order of St Luke Healing Service

    Mass and Healing will be on Wednesday October 18, 2017

    Our Wednesday night Mass and OSL Healing Service was held October 18th. It was very well accepted and people really complimented on it. We had 32 people attend. Due the interest shown we will hold this Mass and Service the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6 pm mass and 6:30 pm healing service. If you missed last month come and see what its all about. This is truly a blessing from God for St. Barnabas.

    Help and Hope for Kids

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  • This our Church Charity

    Hi I’m Stanley, my wife CeCe and I are the founders of Help And Hope For Kids, a 501(c)3 non-profit charity. We are supporting a village in the town Ara-al, Philippines. This town is located high in the mountains miles from La Carlota City, Philippines. The families there live a hard life*. Children start working at a very young age because most families make very little money per pay check. The chance to express their childhood is taken from them way too early.

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    Tues - 6:30pm

    Pray the Rosary


    They experienced the power. They saw the results. They were incredibly impressed

    Fast-forward two thousand years! Much of what passes as prayer are memorized words, faith-less repetition and a lot of whining, No inspiration here.

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